Amanda Woog, center, discusses her findings at a TJI event in Austin, Texas.

Informing the public about our data, our findings and what the data means is of the utmost importance to the Texas Justice Initiative. Our data sets are available for download here, and users can perform some analyses on our “Explore the Data” pages. Below, you’ll find the Texas Justice Initiative’s latest press releases and reports.

Texas Custodial Death Report (2016)

From 2005 to 2015, a reported 6,913 people died in the
custody of law enforcement and other state officials in Texas. More than 1,900 of the people who died (28%) had not been convicted of, or in many cases, even charged with a crime. Despite recent growing interest in counting and reporting on custodial and police-involved deaths, most of the nearly 7,000 people who died have never had their stories told, and aggregate data regarding the
manner and locations of their deaths have not been widely

Texas Custodial Death Report